Stuff that legends are made of!!

What is it with Tour De France and superhuman people and superhuman performances? Why do people suffering from excruciating pain (read Landis) or ones with near death experiences (read Armstrong) keep winning it? I mean why can’t a normal guy win it, in a normal way. This Landis chap, in lead till stage 15, goes […]

Sad News

1. A friend and a great guy is in hospital due to an accident. While I pray for him, I also swear that I will never make the same mistake. Hope he gets well soon. 2. R.I.P. Syd Barrett, the man who gave us The Wall, founder of Pink Floyd is no more. He passed away […]

Start saying your prayers!!

F1 chief Max Mosley has announced that from 2008 onwards, now hold your breath, Microsoft (yeah, you read it right, Microsoft) will be the official supplier of engine control units. Now that takes the word “crashing” to a whole new level. Doesn’t it!! Also, going by Microsoft’s record the 2008 season may well begin in […]