Rock On!

There is something about U2 that I just love and also believe that most other do. I mean there are very few people who like music and do not like U2. They have been one of my favourite bands and their songs amongst my top 10 always. With  or without you, City of blinding lights, […]

Thursday Afternoon WTF

I hate Microsoft for Windows. So buggy and sometimes so arrogant. But I do respect them a lot for MS Office. This is one product that kicks ass and Excel VBA programming saves us so much time and effort that I have come to love it. But then this happens and I start doubting it. […]


I was watching MTV yesterday (after ages) and happened to watch a nonsensical 5 minute long promo. The first thing to strike me was the title of the movie “Aap Kaa Surroor – The Moviee – The Real Luv Story” (at this point I was trying hard not to fall off my seat, laughing as […]

Hair-Ball-ing controversy!!

Darrell Hair seems to beat the current bad boy cricket (Sohaib Akhtar) when it comes to being the centre of a cricketing controversy. The apparently no nonsense umpire has been removed from the elite panel of umpires and will no longer be officiating in International matches. While the media from Down Under and Britain are […]

Wierd Searches!!

This is the first instance of people coming to my blog while searching something so specific. I must say there is a high chance of me knowing this person. And please do not get any phunny thoughts!!