Orhan Pamuk – Nobel Lecture

Read Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Lecture here. Below are few lines that I really loved from it.

‘What is happiness?’ Was happiness thinking that I lived a deep life in that lonely room? Or was happiness leading a comfortable life in society, believing in the same things as everyone else, or acting as if you did?

For me, to be a writer is to acknowledge the secret wounds that we carry inside us, the wounds so secret that we ourselves are barely aware of them, and to patiently explore them, know them, illuminate them, to own these pains and wounds, and to make them a conscious part of our spirits and our writing.

I write because I love the smell of paper, pen, and ink.

Link via India Uncut.


Movie List

Due to the late relase of movies in this half of the world, below is the list of movies I am waiting to watch on the big screen.

  1. Babel
  2. Flags of Our Fathers
  3. Letters from Iwo Jima
  4. Blood Diamond
  5. Apocalypto
  6. The Pursuit of Happyness

It has been ages since the pipeline has been so healthy. I wish they come to India fast.


Its a dog’s life!!

Soumyadip, of “Cutting The Chai“, writes here about his job switch and pastes something he had written when he had last changed jobs. Pretty interesting stuff.

“Some days you are the dog, on others the lamppost. Today I was the lamppost…” Tomorrow too wouldn’t be much different. The lamppost remains, the dogs change.

Cricket News

India Wins!!

India has won the first test against South Africa by 123 runs, and has won back cricketing fans who had waned away after the one day performances in the past year.

On another happy note, Delhi HC has convicted Manu Sharma in the Jessica Lall murder case. Immense happiness comes.


You’ve Got Mail

Brrr!! It was cold. It was 2 degrees below normal. She had still not grown accustomed to “Dilli ki sardi”. Kolkata was so much better during winters. Shweta quietly peeked out from under her nice and cozy quilt. With her eyes almost closed she fumbled around for her laptop and switched it on, absent-mindedly. The regular old Windows XP starting chime had been replaced by a Coldplay song. What would she not give for a date with Chris Martin!!

Anyways, she was now wide awake though still comfortably lodged in her quilt. She logged on to Gmail. A voicemail from Gautam. She smiled, put on her headphones, clicked on the mail and waited for it to load. “Hey honey”, he said in a voice that had sent a tingly pulse through her body everytime she heard it. “I am waiting at the Tokyo airport on my way back from California and would be home by afternoon. See you at the airport. We can go for a lunch from there itself.” Wow!! He was coming back after 3 weeks. How badly had she missed him!! She had so much to tell him, and was so excited about hearing of his experiences there. She got up lazily, draped herself in a hand-woven Garwahli shawl and walked to the kitchen softly. “Hi Mom,” she said,” what have you planned for breakfast? By the way, do you know Gautam is coming back today?”

Her mother-in-law looked at her, forced a smile, turned her head and got back to cooking. “Not again” she thought to herself, and the screen flashed before her eyes, “CNN IBN: Breaking News: A Continental Airlines aircraft crashes into sea. All on board feared dead.”

PS: Above is my first attempt at writing. Comments welcome.