Bits and pieces

Lots hasn't been happenning. But contained below are a few pieces I wanted to write about. 1. Casanova sucks – Always thought that being Casanova required something special in the person like charisma and behaviour and a way with the ladies. Seems it doesn't!! Rejoice all geeks!! This yuccky movie suggests that it has to […]

Gen Crib

Feel like cribbing a lot today. Work is as much as I can do without going crazy or burning myself out. Not bad though. What is bad is working with too many women!! I am the lone guy on the project with 4 other females, three of whom insist on talking in kiddo lingua (like […]

Feeling ‘haute’!!

If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing. ~ Anatole France Which proves that the 500+ bums sitting in that place called the Indian parliament are what they are. Dumbasses. Meanwhile, the Govt of Maharastra, decided to probe the wardrobe malfunction that made Ms. Gracias cry on the shoulders of […]

More equal than others!!

“Statistics are like a short skirts. They hide a lot more than they reveal.” This is a quote that is used very often by cricket commentators and gurus. I am however baffled what these statistics reveal and hide. Sehwag in his last 50 innings (excluding todays) has scored 1381 runs at 28.77 with 7 fifties […]

Through her eyes!!

Brings tears to my eyes and confirms my faith that some people do beat death. The true hero. The terrorists failed in their attempt. Death failed. Death you bastard!! You lose!! He lives!!