I am out of Delhi next weekend, and Bharathi will be out before the one after it, so I thought it would be a good idea to have lunch with her today. Anyways, picked her up from NII and drove to Connaught where, according to her, the Nirula’s Chinese Room had reopened without the name. Reached there, only to find out that it would only open back in mid-April. Since she was in a mood for Chinese food, we headed over to Bercos. Disappointment hit us again as the waiting queue was more than an hour long. So we had to think of a place again. Finally, we settled for Piccadelhi, a restaurant I had heard about and wanted to[…]

I had promised myself that I was not gonna be sad over India’s exit from the WC. But I don’t think it is working. I know the money crazed cricketers are not be blamed, they are in the game for it. The irony of the situation was the Pepsi WC Cola ad, and the (I think) Reebok ad, with cricket is all that matters crap, just when India was staring at defeat against Bangladesh. I wish I wasn’t disappointed. I wish I could say it is just a game. But I still do feel cheated. Dil hai ki maanta nahi!!

Read a couple of amazing things on Google Reader today morning. From Gaping Void – “If you want to have a cool brand, you have to do cool shit.” While you are at it, check out Hugh’s notes for the Edelman talk here. From Andre’s Thoughts – “Some people are assholes.” I felt that very strongly about someone last night, but then I would say to him. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

I admit. I have been very vetti over this week and unless something drastic changes in this week, I am going to be vetti for another week or so. Damn this is so boring. Especially with the net connection at home being broken!!

Bob Woolmer – the coach par excellence – passed away yesterday night. The man who converted the South Africans to a world beating side in a very short space of time is no more, apparently unable to handle the pressure of Pakistan making a very early exit from the tournament. I think it is about time we rethink the game. Robert “Bob” Andrew Woolmer May 14, 1948 – March 18, 2007.