Donate your eyes

You will after watching this ad. Simply brilliant and very moving.

Aur batao!!

If you and your friends find each other saying these two words over the phone a frickin’ number of times then I am reasonably sure that both of you are working. A good friend, who I do not know why I do not speak to that much, called up late last night and as we […]

Black Friday

I saw this movie quite a while back, but the scenes are still fresh in my memory. The gory scene just after the blast and the deformed bodies. The police torture scene and the man shooting himself and his family. The exploitation of angry Muslim youth by Tiger Memon and many more. Its hard to […]


This is the brilliant song sung by the now-seen-in-every movie, yet brilliant, Amitabh Bacchan. I personally know some one who wouldn’t be complaining at all. The movie is Nishabd, apparently the RGV’s version of Lolita. Anyways, I liked the song and am posting the part of the song I really loved. कुछ गाऊं तो याद […]

Feeling Lonely

No idea why, but I somehow feel very lonely today. Anyways, watched The Pursuit of Happyness today. Must say that it is a pretty good movie, totally worth a watch. Totally loved it, and especially the love of Will Smith for his kid (also his son in real life) and the trust of the kid in his […]