Use the force, luke

Sample this: Man makes video. Viacom uses video, without the man’s approval. Man uploads Viacom’s video featuring his video on Youtube. Viacom sues man. Sounds absurd? Sure does to me. And to this guy it is “bass-ackwards.“

MS screws up, again!

Seems like Microsoft loves getting itself all the negative publicity possible. Autopatcher, a free software to install most MS updates on WinXP, has been served a notice by MS to stop distributing its updates and some stupid reason for the same. Shame! I loved the software and used it to update my copy of WinXP, […]

Love & Trust

From Gaping Void. Though it seems depressing, you should read the comments. I am quoting one good one. trust someone + love someone = be someoneĀ  ~Leah Another good one below.

Weekend Roundup

This one promises to be a less than an exciting weekend. I have already spent my day today doing grocery shopping and completing some banking tasks. Also, spent the later half of the day watching “When Harry Met Sally” and the Turkish GP Qualifying. With Ferrari and McLaren taking the top spots again, it promises […]