Daily WTF

Comes from the Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programmes of India. Who, in their senses, would nominate Eklavya for Oscars, ahead of Gandhi, My Father and Chak De India. PS: I intend to make this post a daily feature.

we have won!

… and Indians have kicked some Paki ass to win the inaugural T20 World Cup.

EVS news on Digg

A whitepaper on filing strategy published by my company has been covered by Information Week and has been dugg enough to reach the frontpage on Digg Tech. Yeah, I am proud.


We have seen a lot of bad ad placements. Well, we have one more addition to the hallowed list (click for better resolution).

Fight Club

“The things you own end up owning you.” – Tyler Durden So true. Sometimes you have all that you want, but none that you need. This article at lifehack (not to be confused with Lifehacker), tells us how to get rid of materialism from our lives.