Jottit – wow!

I was trying out this new service by Aaron Swartz (man, he is younger than I am) call Jottit. It offers a person a simple and easy way of getting a page online with a customized subdomain. For example, check out my page. It took me no time to get it up and running and […]

Sense has dawned..

… and Indian’s have finally dropped Agarkar. In tests, his economy is good enough for one dayers and in ODIs for a T20 game. For a T20 the lesser said, the better. I think they have chosen a good squad this time around, though I think they should have given Sehwag another chance. Here is […]

Mash 404

The snap (click for full size) below is from Yahoo! Mash, the new social networking site. Pretty cool, huh! Meanwhile, if you do want invites to it, mail me at goyal [dot] blog [at] gmail [dot] com

Blast from the past

A conversation with Ojas from today morning. Amit Kumar Goyal says: Ojas Sabnis says: who is this? Amit Kumar Goyal says: check out the post first – group blog Ojas Sabnis says: hmm Ojas Sabnis says: opening Ojas Sabnis says: amit varma and company.. i see Amit Kumar Goyal says: yeah – and reading […]

Daily WTF

Can someone please explain as to why Agarkar and Yuvraj were bowled today, instead of Irfan Pathan? [tags] Cricket, T20 WorldCup, India, New Zealand[/tags]