Blog Update

After two days of frustrations, backups, trials, errors, disasters and some hope, “mere funde” now runs on WordPress 2.3 Hooray! Features to be implemented: Some new skin – I am thinking Unsleepable (any suggestions?) Tag Cloud – Extended Live Archives Update all uncategorized posts to different categories Update: Though I have settled for Cutline at […]

What a racing weekend!

Anyone who watched the F1 race this weekend, whatever team or driver you support, I am sure went through a roller coaster of a ride. If you liked Kimi, who I personally believe is the best on the circuit at the moment, it would have been expectation, when the race started, to despair when Lewis […]

Daily WTF

The review of the movie Go. I am willing to bet that Manish Srivastava and Morgan are not going on a lunch anytime soon.