Apple screws up

All my friends know that I am an Apple fanboy (who doesn’t own any apply product btw!), and one of the fiercest defenders of their policies. But I guess that this time, they have gone over board and have truly screwed up. Think Secret is gone, and so is a source of free publicity for […]

BarCamp Delhi

BarCamp Delhi has been announced. I have heard quite a lot about such events and definitely wish to be a part of such an event. So I have signed up, and also volunteered with the task photography. I am confused why they are calling it the fourth edition, when only 2 have taken place before. […]

Daily Roundup

I have pretty busy over the past many weekends, and this one was no different. Debo was in town and it was nice spending time with him. Anyways a few interesting nuggets from the web. Upgrade to XP from Vista says CodingSanity – I agree. Too many warnings. Let me use it please. I not […]

Delhi meet

Ankit, Misra, Thax, Bansal and me had a small get together in Gurgaon. Here is small round up of the trip. Bansal ka burger, Rahul’s snoring, Freshie waiter – Bruschetta, veg or non-veg?, Hindi number plate – Bulandshahr psenti, Bansal ka music system, Dada’s century, Dus Kahaniyan – Gubbare, Police ne mujhe ek naya naam […]

Post of the day..

.. comes from the big bad Microsoft Corporation (that too from the IE folks!) It discusses the various suggestions for the name of IE8. I guess this stems from the gazillion different versions of the Vista. IE Desktop Online Web Browser Live Professional Ultimate Edition for the Internet (the marketing team really pushed for this […]