How to behave on the Web2.0?

Ever had a client add you on a social network, or wanted to do vice-versa, and did not know whether it would be appropriate? Well, the nice folks over at Edelman have published a company policy for its employees, which can be accessed here. I must say that most organizations would agree with the policies, […]

Daily WTF

This one comes from the group of people who took jokes on themselves better than anyone else. Accha ok, the supposed religious head of such people at least. The Sikhs are enraged at some joke spread via Reliance Mobile and have demanded an unconditional apology. Some people take offense so often that one wonders how […]

Song of the day

Jiya – by the East India Company. Caught their gig at the SAARC Bands Festival and have been listening to them since.

Awesum day!

First, Dada made a century, in Kolkata. Here is what Anand Vasu has to say. For Ganguly, Kolkata feels an unconditional love, the kind that asks for nothing in return and yet blindly accepts whatever it gets. There’s nothing objective about the manner in which Ganguly is assessed as a cricketer, and anyone who dares […]