And it rained..

I have lived at in my current apartment complex for almost three months, and have almost never seen anyone else outside, except in the morning.

But it rained today and it brought a lot of people out of their homes. The old gentleman trying to cover the stuff lying in the balcony. The neighbour and her three small kids, with outstretched arms, trying to feel the rain. The cute kid in the bajoo wala ghar, playing with her dalmation. The uncle (in 605 I think) having a smoke outside. And me having chai, and feeling the rain on my face.

It felt so fresh 🙂


The post about Yahoo!

So much has been said about Yahoo over the recent past, that it seems like a blessing in disguise for Twitter. The laundry list of senior execs leaving has not gone down well either.

However, I do not agree with Mike Arrington when he says that Yahoo should have sold out to Microsoft. I have great respect for Mike but I think he is wrong, and big time at that, about this issue. Maybe the decision seemed to make business sense, but personally I feel that the two companies are so different that merging them together would have been the great disaster since Yahoo’s move with Geocities.

Anyways I would like to agree with a contrarian view put forth by Danny here. And to add to it I have some suggestions. Yahoo currently owns some of the best stuff on the internet.

1. Yahoo Mail – As much as I dislike the service now, loads of people still use Yahoo mail. Provide free POP access. Remove those obscene ads. And think of a better way to monetize it. STOP THE SPAM. Let me say that again. STOP THAT SPAM. And no, Ymail won’t solve your issues here. Also, the RSS reader (does anyone use it??) is a joke. Do away with it.
2. – Yeah, the founder is leaving. But you guys are to blame. Release the new version already. You know what people using it are thinking. Use it. Use it with Answers. Use it with Search. Probabaly integrate with Flickr.
3. Flickr – Again, the founders are leaving. Don’t mess with the product. Its awesome. Think integration with Image search results.
4. Messenger – Cut those stupid ads. Simplify it. Let it do the job. I dont need bull shit on it. Let me talk and chat.
5. Answers – Something I know least about, but have heard awesome stuff about it. Let it be.
6. Finance – Good as is. Let it be.

Get back into the game by getting back those users who used to swear by Yahoo at a point of time. You can always look at better ways of monetizing. Get rid of non-committed people. Don’t let go off good ones. Get rid of pro email. Perhaps you missed the memo but people have stopped paying for it ages back!! Get rid of competing products. Get rid of stupid execs. Focus on technology, the money will follow. You don’t need to do everything. Get rid of non-core products. Slim down and focus your energies.

I grew up on the internet with you folks. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Stop eating peanut butter.


General Post

According to the Met department, it has been the quickest the Monsoon has hit the Indian Capital in more than a century. Well, I don’t know the weather record, but the rains have sure made for the best summers in this part of the country in many many years for me..

Anyways, this weekend has been especially wet and very very nice. Sunday morning and the Gurgaon skyline resembled the Darjeeling weather. I have been using the DSLR a little more nowadays and the extra time this morning gave me a chance to experiment with it.

Clicked a few snaps but this is the personal favourite. Comments welcome 🙂


Tata Sky Sucks

I have been a great fan of the Tata Sky service for the past one year. The picture and sound clarity is worth the additional money for the installation and the premium one pays for the monthly subscription. However, the events over the last week or so has left a very bad taste in the mouth and I would say that everyone should stay away from them.

About a week back Tata Sky announced that they are reducing the monthly charges and providing the Sports Channels (ESPN-STAR bouquet, Ten Sports) and the BBC add-ons at the same cost but as optional components. While this is a welcome change I had two issues with it. Bad implementation and incorrect information.

Bad Implementation – The ideal way to implement it would have been that each customer should have been called or given an option to opt out (rather than opt in). That too while the French Open is underway and the Euro 2008 is a week away. If they are changing the plan, they should ask the customer, rather than the customer having to take the pains. That said their helpline was busy and unavailable, and they did not have the courtesy to call back after making me wait on their stupid helpline for 20 mins, thrice.

Incorrect Information – They said that the cost would remain the same even if I added the optional package. I think this is incorrect since if you add the BBC channels and Ten Sports, the cost is more than the existing cost.

Now – Super Saver (Rs. 260) + ESPN-STAR (Rs. 40) + BBC (Rs. 30) + Ten Sports (Rs. 15) = Rs. 345

Earlier – Super Saver Pack (Rs. 300). (My subscription charges for the month of May is provided below as an example)

01-Jun-08 Subs Fee Monsoon promo pack- 3 for the period (30-May-08 to 31-May-08) @ Rs 8.55 per day 17.10
01-Jun-08 Subs Fee Monsoon promo pack- 3 for the period (01-May-08 to 29-May-08) @ Rs 9.86 per day 285.94

I am shocked that Tata – very recently crowned to be a trusted brand – would take such a stupid step and harm its own image. I would now advise all friends to go for the cheaper option of DishTV despite the very very irritating SRK ad. You guys have lost a loyal customer is all I have to say.


Gmail spam filter gone nuts!

That’s an email from the Google Alerts not spam!!

Google spam filter is broken