I was tired of writing and rewriting and then editing the BSchool essays, and wanted to hit the bed. God knows why I opened up GReader!! Anyway – I saw this article on how to jazz up the Windows desktop. Pretty useful and fun I would say. 10 minutes later, I had finished downloading and installing RainLendar and RocketDock. And then I thought how about syncing RainLendar with GCalendar. After some googling GCalDaemon came to rescue. I used the instructions on their website but the damn things wouldn’t work!! At Step 3 you would need to edit the location of the iCal file. Also, the sync by File method is not enabled by default and you would need to do[…]

Here is the response from the Indiaplaza team to my email: Dear Amit Kumar Goyal, I understand your feelings and I regret for the long time delay in delivering your order ####. As the issue has not been resolved at the specified time duration, I have escalated this issue to our higher authorities. We would track on this issue on priority and have the issue resolved soon. I once again request you to bear with us for the extra time taken. Warm Regards, Kannan.S Indiaplaza team Here is my reply: Hi Narinder & Shazia & Anthony & Kannan, You guys rock!! Thanks for escalating this. I am at a new level of customer satisfaction (I must control my emotions else[…]

This is a copy of the email I sent to Indiaplaza today. Hi Narinder & Shazia & Anthony, Your customer service just blows me away!! Thanks for the brilliant work. You guys haven’t obviously delivered the book till today. That after you guys called me on Monday and assured me that the book would be with me on Wednesday!! And I was unceremoniously put on hold for 20 minutes when I called up today (again – I have spent more than Rs. 50 on calls to your clueless helpdesk so far). I think, and correct me if I am worng, that you guys have no clue of how online shopping works. The sensible thing to do was to ship me[…]