Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Guwahati, Hyderabad. Again. And again. Because we have a spineless government.┬áBecause we do not care. Because we don’t select the right people. Because the right people don’t want to get into the “dirty” politics. I am ashamed of myself. I am ashamed of our government which released an official condemnation only today evening. I am ashamed that we have an toilet mop for a Home Minister. My prayers are with those brave souls who have laid down their lives for us, with those who have lost someone, and those still in the mess. I hope it ends soon. I hope that our security forces kill every last one of them terrorists. I hope no more innocent[…]

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I was born and raised in the football crazy state of West Bengal. Until Dada happened that is. I remember how downcast people looked when Maradona had to pull out of the ’94 World Cup. But then in the summer of ’96 this man exploded on the scene of Indian cricket with two consecutive centuries on debut, and by the time he retired he had changed Indian cricket forever. Dada has never been the most technically sound batsman or the most exciting to watch. However, he was good enough to walk into the Indian team for most parts of his career. To watch his drives on the off side when he was in full flow was exhilarating. Bengal loved him,[…]

People who have apped to common schools have started getting interview invites. I on the other hand am getting no news, which, to say the least, is killing me!! There is some anticipation everytime I check email. Everytime I get some email containing the School’s name, usually some article related to the school, the heart beat doubles. Any suggestions on how to keep this thing sane??