Loving what you do

I always believed that unless you are excited about doing something, you shouldn’t do it. I have seen souls at work, who come at work everyday, work hard, and yet do not enjoy what they do. Don’t get me wrong. These are brilliant people, who produce the best output and put in a hundred percent. […]

Random Post

After slightly over a month, I will have come to the end of an amazing time at my current job, and start as a student at the Indian School of Business. Does that scare me? Yes. It’s natural. Not the best time to risk a stable job, and take on a lot of loan. But […]

Admitted to ISB

Finally – the first admit!! Feels good. The smile hasn’t lessened since evening.

Quotes of the day

From the world of cricket come the lines below. Talk about hitting below the belt!! It was in Jamaica that Mike Gatting became the first batsman, as opposed to bowler, to be accused of ball-tampering after being struck in the face by Malcolm Marshall. When they finally retrieved the ball, which had richocheted so far […]

Some people just don’t learn

After the Vista fiasco, I hoped Microsoft would learn. But guess what – they haven’t!! The new Windows 7 is all set to be released inĀ 6 different versions. Aren’t we all pissed with the nonsense?? Don’t you get it?? The Home Premium version, which would set you back by USD 260, does not offer Remote […]