… Well, not really. But almost there.  When I landed in Gurgaon, in November ’05, the first reaction was – Wow!! What am I doing in this God forsaken place?? But then I got used to things. Made friends. Work became fun. Trips were made to Pilani. And truly speaking, I am hating the moving from Gurgaon experience. It sucks!!  Tomorrow morning there will be no more familiar faces. No Pooja, no Gogo, or Sanchita, or Rahul. No more cribs by Shivangi. No funny ringtones from Manju. No lunch with the gang. No chai with Anoop and Praguna.  Damn!!

Just looking back at a couple of times from the many that I will cherish forever from the last three and half years at work. There are many more, but these are the ones most prominent in memory, as I go to work for the last time, for a year, tomorrow. Thanks to all my colleagues – you guys have been legendary!! Where were you when India won the T20 World Cup? I remember it very clearly. Conference Room 1, Tower A. With the Chemistry team, attending a Questel webinar on optimizing the use of the MMS database. Akshat was there. So were Nachi, Bala, Bong and others. It was one awesome evening. Listening to updates on the phone, and[…]

… has begun. Including today, I only have a little less than six more days left in this part of the world. And I haven’t even started packing. Well, I was supposed to pack over the weekend, but an allergy attack, which is still having some effects, had me sleeping for the larger part of the weekend. The skin has become dry and very irritable. There is some pain in my palm and knee joints. And I am feeling very very week. Anyhoo. Thankfully, I am almost on schedule for my ISB related issues. I have taken all the pre-term course tests, and while I cleared Accounting and Business Stats, I flunked Quantitative methods – I took the tests while[…]

… has begun to sink in.  I told my first major client that I will be taking a break only yesterday. It was not a one I was emotionally close to, and it did not hurt as much. Today, however, I informed a client, that I am personally very close to, that I will be leaving. It was a client that I helped develop. A client who allowed me to experiment. A client who taught a lot to me. And a client with a heart of gold. I could always get a good laugh from them. They always had a kind word, and always asked how I was doing. You guys are amazing. Tomorrow is going to be worse. I[…]

Continued from Part I.  The tow guy, for some wierd reason, decided to land up at Churu instead of Jhunjhunu. By now Jeete was max frustrated and decided to take a nap while Ankit, Sudeep and I soaked into an episode of Nach Baliye. Despite the fact that I officially despise all reality shows, I could not stop staring at the chick who choreographs Baichung Bhutia. Cute. Anyway, the  guy arrived by around 1:30 and took the i10 away. We quickly loaded all our stuff into the Alto and sped towards Pilani with haste. Since we were all hungry, we decided to make a pit stop at the famous dhaba. Despite being a nice Saturday afternoon, the Dhaba wore a[…]