The honeymoon period, as they call it, has come to an end. The first core term, for the Class of 2010 [Co2010] begins tomorrow. We already have loads to read up even before the first class. Just leaves me wondering if it is a sign of things to come!! The weekend was spent partying, generally relaxing, and getting mentally prepared for the coming weeks. My section (E) went out for a Hyd trip and I joined them for dinner at Angeethi. There was a BITSian lunch proposed today, which had to be postponed due to some circumstances. Btw, there are some 17 BITSians in this batch, up from 12 last year – way to go BITS!! Another interesting event was[…]

I have been at the ISB for a couple of weeks now, and I must say I am pretty impressed. Anyone who has been to the ISB, will confirm that the infrastructure of the place is top notch. The only other place in India that comes close is the Infosys Mysore campus. The campus is well planned, beautiful, and extremely well maintained. The student lodging is very very comfortable, and the management does its best to keep useless distractions away from the students. The library is very well stocked, both with books and an assorted collections of DVDs. I just wish we get some free time to use it 😉 As for the current batch, its amazing diversity never ceases[…]

Long time no post. But then, I was in Siliguri for a couple of weeks with extremely limited internet connectivity. I reached Hyderabad on the 11th of April and since then have been busy with the activities in the Orientation week. My brand new laptop (the Dell Latitude E5500n) was only given back by the IT yesterday after installing licensed version of all softwares ISB would want me to use, and since then I have taken some time to customize it and make it usable installing Firefox, Chrome and others. Also, ISB has some media policy for the students, covering what they can or can’t write about on their blogs. I am waiting for that to be clarified before I[…]