I believe that Airtel has the best customer support of all mobile carriers in India, and also the best network. It has been my preferred carrier for more than 4 years now.¬†However, they did not land up on campus till about a week after we joined, and since by then everyone else was on Vodafone CUG, I had to join the Vodafone bandwagon too. The first shock was that Vodafone did not support Twitter. WTF!! Wake up and smell the breeze folks. It could be a significant revenue earner, and yet you have decided not too support it. Can someone please explain the logic?? Next, I had some issue with the billing (never had it on Airtel I tell you),[…]

I must confess that I am tea addict. And ever since I have come to Hyd, I had not had a good cup of tea. You see, Hyd believes in this concept of over boiled and extremely sugary syrup that they like to call the “Irani chai”. Having lived in one of the best tea growing areas in India, this just wasn’t good enough. Even Gurgaon had decent chai. From being someone who made at least a couple of trips to Subhashji’s place everyday, be it summer, winter, or rains, I had become someone who had not had good tea for four weeks!! Sheesh.. Anyhoo, the jinx was finally broken today. Megha, one of my study groupie, treated us all[…]

Some highlights from the first academic week at ISB: The profs are really good, and their ability to keep the class engaged for a couple of hours amazing. All that talk about international profs is true I guess. I was very skeptical about my ability to stay awake in classes, but I have managed that without too much fuss. We discussed ManU in an accounting class, wine and cheese were talked about in economics, and a lot of stories revealed in marketing!! We already have had a quiz. Granted that it was a pretty simple one at that, but one in the first week. Seesh!! The first case study for Marketing, the only course with class participation (CP). As imagined,[…]