I will be there for you…

Listen to this.

This is all TK said before he made me listen to “Tere Bin Nai Lagda Dil Mera Dholna” (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan). And, almost immediately, my mind was transported back in time.

It was Oasis of 2004 and Euphoria was playing during Prof show. Those were very sentimental times. Your last sem on campus, close to people you love. We (Bansal and I) had requested for them to play “Ab Na Jaa” which used to be our favourite since Misra’s psenti sem. And when he did, I remember calling Misra and others and making them listen to it on my cellphone, as me, my wingies, and some other friends got super emotional.

I don’t know which show TK was at today, but boy it felt awesome! He knew I love the song from the East India Company show we attended in CP a long time back.

Thanks man!! <hugs>

Life @ISB

I am alive!

It has been a really long time since I posted anything. Three weeks to be exact!!

When I was about to join ISB I always thought I would post regularly and see what I have been up to during my time there later. However, compressing two years into a year long program means that the amount of work is substantial and leaves you with almost no time to do stuff you like.

The Bangalore Bengaluru trip at the end of term 1 was amazing. Three days of complete peace with nothing much to do. Movies were watched (loved Star Trek and LOTR – ROTK Director’s Cut). Good food was had. Lot of card games were played. This was probably amongst the last few trips to Bengaluru with Rahul around. He is all set for his Oxford stint, and I hope to see him in Bengaluru on his last day there during end August. I guess the next trip after that will be for Sudeep’s wedding in October.

In addition to Ankit and Rahul, I also met Samua and DDM after ages. Talked for quite a while with both of them. With Sam, it was more about his work and my experience so far at ISB. On the other hand, spent almost an entire day chatting with DDM and remembering old times at EVS, which, btw, is seeing a lot of changes. Also, struck up a nice little friendship with her kid.

Back in Hyd, the term 2 has been especially demanding with pretty heavy stuff like Decision Modelling & Optimization. Also, most courses have either cases or group assignments to be completed, which means that most of your time is spent in group meetings. Thankfully I have cool people in my study group who make these meetings fun.

Other than that, I have hurt my right ankle and damaged a ligament it seems. The ankle is in a temporary cast 🙁 On the brighter side of things, I get to ride around the campus on these motorized wheel chairs (nick named “Ferraris”). Also, you get a lot of sympathy “Awwws” and “Ooohs”, though they dry up very fast I must say.

Hopefully the next post will take lesser time. Till then, Sayonara!!

Life @ISB

One eighth there…

The Godfather – Guys are cheering upstairs. I hear cars coming to the house. Consigliore of mine, I think it’s time you told your Don what everyone seems to know.

Me – Term 1 is over!! People are going home. And those who need a drink are partying at the Co2008 Lounge tonight!!

So there. I am an eighth of an MBA. And the past couple of months seem to have passed in jiffy. The assignments, the cases, group meetings, classes, CP, arbit CP, gyaan, dunkings, parties, and all the fun. Also, the profs. have been real awesome, and have made the courses so much more interesting than they really are. I hope that the trend continues.

In all, it has been like the downhill ride in Calvin and Hobbes – mostly a blur! But a fun one at that 🙂

I will be watching movies tonight and relaxing. I am heading to Bangalore Bengaluru tomorrow night and meeting up with Rahul, Ankit, and Sam (Sasaram) and hopefully having loads of fun. It has been almost four long years since I was last in Bengaluru and hope it is the same fun place 🙂

And then it is back to the grind from Monday, and I have morning (0815 hrs) classes to deal with 🙁