The power of observation

By Debasish on Cricinfo: Given the volume of cricket that BCCI imposes on the Indian cricketers, the cricketers have found a novel way to avoid over exertion. How ? By crashing out in the first rounds of every ICC tournament ( World Cup, 20-20 World Cup and now the Champions Trophy) and thereby gaining some […]

Good weather and exams! Always. Has to …

Good weather and exams! Always. Has to be. Somehow exams have always coincided with good weather here at ISB and it makes studying for the endless number of exams we have that much more difficult. A huge cosmic conspiracy I tell you! PS: Also coincides with certain people being out of station 😛

The blog has undergone a change

The blog has undergone a major change, and it is more functional than cosmetic. I have realized that I don’t have time or patience to write longer posts given the time, and hence starting on this P2 theme. It feels more like Twitter, and I hope I am able to post more often 🙂

Logic vs Emotion

Surprisingly, this is something that I have discussed with two different people in the last 24 hours. One thing that an engineering college education does to you is make you very emotionally inadequate. All we can do is think logically, brushing aside all emotions, and makes us quant jocks in real life too. I was […]