Why backup?

I should have known better!!

When I became the webmaster for the ISB Student’s Blog, the first thing I did was install the WordPress DB Backup plugin. I also tested it then, and it worked. So I assumed all was fine.

Anyway, last month our hosting ran out due to non-payment of fees, and the email alerts went out to people who are no more at ISB anymore. Since the account was not renewed the hosting was canceled. It was during the exam times in Term 4 and not many noticed.

I wasn’t too worried since I thought I had a backup and would be able to get the blog back up from it and running in no time. But lo and behold, the backup plugin did not work anymore and the scheduled backup did not work. Now we face a daunting USD 150 in renewing and restoring the old setup 🙁

Learnings from the incident:

  • Take regular manual backups, and do not depend on plugins for that.
  • When using a hosting account, ensure that the registration is done via a mailing list which includes people responsible for maintaining the hosting, and the blog, and update it every time people leave.

The Trance

Lifts stay on the floor you leave them on. There are no queues at Goyal, More, or Cafeteria. The long vacation has taken its toll, and I don’t think there are more than hundred odd people on campus. The entire campus feels as empty as my Outlook Calendar at the moment 🙂

Past few days have been spent in a kind of manner not known since April 2009. Its been one huge weekend, and promises to go on till tomorrow, when I travel to Delhi for some project related stuff.

The exams got over on Friday, and ever since I have lazed like crazy. Friday night was pizza and movie night. We ended up watching the crappy “Wanted” and the Stallone comedy “Oscar” which wasn’t too great either but fun nonetheless.

The movie watching spree has since become addictive in nature, and we have been doing it every night after that. Loads of movies have been watched on the big screen including “Apocalypse Now“, “LOTR – The trilogy“, “What Happens in Vegas“, and “No Country for Old Men“.

Also watched “Wake Up Sid” @Talkie Town, which btw is not a bad theater for 50 bucks!! Its an ok movie, a def one time watch. Konkona is good as usual, and Ranbir Kapoor is also good. “Iktara” is a brilliant, soulful number – wish I could get the sufi version of it.

Now waiting for getting done with the next couple of days, and then heading to Delhi and meeting people. Bansal, TK, Bharathi, Gogo, and all the people from my team 🙂

Here I come people!!

The power of observation

By Debasish on Cricinfo:

Given the volume of cricket that BCCI imposes on the Indian cricketers, the cricketers have found a novel way to avoid over exertion. How ? By crashing out in the first rounds of every ICC tournament ( World Cup, 20-20 World Cup and now the Champions Trophy) and thereby gaining some “rest” for the ad endorsements.

Another one from Apoorv:

O Captain my Captain! our fearful trip is done, The rain saves us the shame of losing two on the run, The port is near, the bells I hear, the Oz horns are blaring, While follow eyes the steady keel, the media grim and daring.