Why backup?

I should have known better!! When I became the webmaster for the ISB Student’s Blog, the first thing I did was install the WordPress DB Backup plugin. I also tested it then, and it worked. So I assumed all was fine. Anyway, last month our hosting ran out due to non-payment of fees, and the […]

The Trance

Lifts stay on the floor you leave them on. There are no queues at Goyal, More, or Cafeteria. The long vacation has taken its toll, and I don’t think there are more than hundred odd people on campus. The entire campus feels as empty as my Outlook Calendar at the moment 🙂 Past few days […]

INVA Suchs!!

INVA Suchs!! Don’t blame me, its a family blog people 😛 Anyway, it really does. One course at ISB I don’t know anything about. However, going by the MGTO experience today, won’t make much difference, will it!!

The power of observation

By Debasish on Cricinfo: Given the volume of cricket that BCCI imposes on the Indian cricketers, the cricketers have found a novel way to avoid over exertion. How ? By crashing out in the first rounds of every ICC tournament ( World Cup, 20-20 World Cup and now the Champions Trophy) and thereby gaining some […]

Good weather and exams! Always. Has to …

Good weather and exams! Always. Has to be. Somehow exams have always coincided with good weather here at ISB and it makes studying for the endless number of exams we have that much more difficult. A huge cosmic conspiracy I tell you! PS: Also coincides with certain people being out of station 😛