At Kolkata Airport

Things Kolkata Airport has:

  • Chaos
  • Decent eating options
  • A loo that smells as much as loos at local stations in Mumbai
  • A public address system – which sounds like one at a railway station and is so loud that you can barely make out what they are trying to say

Things Kolkata Airport doesn’t have:

  • Cleanliness – the pillars have posters stuck to them
  • Effective air conditioning
  • Free Wi-fi – seriously!!
  • Online baggage scanning

I was recently at the Chennai Airport and cribbed a lot about how it was light years behind the other airports in India (Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore – in that order). However, now that I have to spend a couple of hours at this one, I can safely say that this the worst of them all!!

I want what Hussey is smoking!

We need to get up to make sure we’re fourth to get into that. We’ve got a couple of years to continue the curve of getting better every time. I think our team is getting better all the time,” Hussey said.

Overall – Australia
Year Mat Runs HS Ave 100
year 2007 4 2314 150 60.89 6
year 2008 14 8110 169 35.10 19
year 2009 13 7637 160 39.56 15
year 2010 8 4635 209 34.08 9
Mike Hussey
Mat Runs HS Bat Av 100
year 2007 4 374 133 74.80 2
year 2008 14 900 146 37.50 2
year 2009 13 804 121 36.54 1
year 2010 8 442 134* 36.83 1
Ricky Ponting
Mat Runs HS Bat Av 100
year 2007 4 192 56 38.40 0
year 2008 14 1182 158 47.28 4
year 2009 13 853 150 38.77 1
year 2010 8 700 209 46.66 1

Yep, that must be it. Australia, Hussey, and Ponting must be getting better all the time!!

The one that matters!

I loved the way India played in this series.

In the first test they showed that they had the balls! The fought back in a manner reminiscent of the Aussies of yore! Till the last wicket fell you Australia never gave up (remember those Steve Waugh innings?), and India seems to be learning that lesson, slowly but steadily. Even bowlers seem to value their wickets, and are trying to make the opposition earn it.

In the second test, India played like a number one team should play. With assurance. Like the toss didn’t matter. Like losing Sehwag early didn’t matter. If it had been more than 5 years back we would be talking of the Indian team shutting shop to prevent a defeat. Now India went for an outright victory. Commentators said that the SG ball would reverse after 40 overs – they said lets do it before that. Sachin playing like he always does nowadays. M Vijay and Pujara playing really well. The bowlers doing an exceptional job – all of them. Remember that the tail wasn’t allowed to wag. Stuff good teams are made of.

We still have some distance to go to be ranked alongside the West Indies of 80’s or the Aussies (of 1940s and 2000s). The fielding needs to go up by many a notches. The batting, the middle and lower order, still tends to collapse every once in a while. And our biggest worry, our bowlers. They need to be more consistent and injury free. Harbhajan needs to rediscover his mojo and compliment the tight lines of Ojha with wicket taking. Zaheer needs a couple of good partners. I am believe that we have the ability to get there – all it needs is nurturing by the BCCI, instead of them focusing all their energy in going kinky on Lalit Modi’s ass.

Finally, a lot of people talked of Australia losing three in a row. What I am more interested in is seeing when was the last time a team won three in a row scoring more than 200 in the fourth innings!

Team India with the Border Gavaskar Trophy
We won!!

Random Post #11746

Less than an hour before the start of the Common Wealth Games 2010, Rahul writes about biased media coverage, and the Indian concept of Jugaad. Further read the thoughts of Ms Adlington on the CWG Village, which I must confess even I find hard to believe. Also, as it usually happens, my thoughts are in the comments below the post. Unusually, Rahul and I agree. The MBA must have had some impact!!


So the Ayodhya verdict is out. While many are happy, and some others not so much, most people agree that the common Indian really doesn’t give a fuck about it. I was about ten when it happened, and almost have no memories of the event. The then sleepy town of Siliguri was mostly peaceful if I remember correctly. And most of India’s youth would have been even younger, and couldn’t care less. I guess.

Personally I feel that the output of the civil case is nothing to write home about (except the preludes to the judgement, they are awesomely written – read them here), I would be more interested in the criminal case linked to the event.

However, some have said that the decisions do not satisfy them. To those, sane people who are dissatisfied by the decision, I ask – are you folks unsatisfied about the civil outcome, or are you dissatisfied that the criminal case has not yet been decided upon?


I have kind of recovered from Conjunctivitis, which is an irritating disease, both metaphorically and literally.


The post number was generated by using the RAND function in Excel, which means only one thing – I am clearly spending unhealthy amounts of time with the application.