Race to the top

Dan Vasella stepped aside from the CEO role at Novartis yesterday to be¬†succeeded by Joe Jimenez, the head of their pharmaceutical business. Along with this, the other person in contention, Joerg Reinhardt, quit the company to look for options elsewhere. This reminded me of a¬†course we had, on Managing Teams, taught by Henry Moon, this […]

Louis rocks!!

You know how there are moments in class you would probably never forget about. Well, this was one of them. At first I thought I would post it on the ISB Students’ Blog, but then figured it would be slightly inappropriate for that. Anyway, we have this absolutely amazing professor, Louis Thomas, who teaches us […]

Dead as a doornail!!

The past week has been super hectic, even by ISB standards. I attended an equivalent of at least 18 classes (2 hours each). Read so many cases and papers that my head hurt. And was showered by as much information as can be humanly digested, and then some more. ISB and Wharton hosted, perhaps a […]