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Wade turns on the Heat!!

A finals that is comparable to the legendary movie itself. Miami Heat came from behind after being down 0-2 in the series to wrap it off in the sixth game and win the finals 4-2. The Mavericks won the first two games with such ease that many feared that the finals would be over by […]

The best goal ever!!

A tribute to Maradona on 20 years of his magic!!! Behold!! The true magician is at work!!

Review: India vs WI (2nd Test)

For second time in as many test matches India has faced the situation of being “so near, yet so far.” India did dominate the second test right from the word go and if it had not been for the rain gods the series would now have had been 1-0 instead of 0-0. Even so, I […]

Foot in Mouth Disease

Mr. Dave Richardson (see post below), ICC's General Manager, has now been diagnosed  to have been suffering from the foot in mouth disease. Renowned experts came to the conclusion after analysing Mr. Richardson's latest effort to justify Mr. Brian Lara's on field behaviour (here). "Lara is a renowned player, a famed cricketer. He got frustrated (after) the […]