स्वागत है

If you are one of those three (lemme count.. one, two, three, yup, thats all) people who do visit my blog and read tolerate the nonsense that I put up here, you would have noticed that the blog was out for a couple of days. Here is an official reason.

I had not been able to post in hindi for quite some while now, and I had done nothing wrong apparently. However, on deeper inspection, I did find out the reason for this. The database, provided by my kind host, used the latin_swedish_ci character set and collation. Because of this it did not support the hindi fonts. So I tried rectifying it by running some basic SQL queries (which is not saying much). So I backed up my database (important), and started fiddling around, and obviously everything went wrong.

So I had to go back to Ashish and ask him to setup a database with the UTF8 charset which supports the hindi character set. After he did that, I setup WordPress (2.3.3) and imported the posts, comments, images, themes, etc. Only one glitch remains. Due to an error in WordPress, the tags have been imported as IDs into the new database. I have applied the patch mentioned in the forum [I am so proud of being able to do that!!], but haven’t been able to reimport the tags as of now. Will keep you updated as and when that happens. Till then,

आपको हुई असुविधा के लिए मुझे खेद है

Belated B’day

It was on Jan 31st, 2005 that I started writing this blog. Since then a lot has happened. I have moved from a wordpress.com blog to a self-hosted one. I have written more than 300 posts. There have been around 10k hits on my older blog and around 2k on this one.

However, I have still not been able to post in Hindi on the new blog. I want to spend some time redesigning it, but haven’t got around to doing that.

But the more important thing is that I have kept going. And I think that the thing that keeps me going is that I think I would want to come back later, and read about how I have felt over time. I am too lazy to write a diary, and I think this is much better and easier option. Here’s to many more to come. Cheers!

PS: If you do check my archives, you will also see a lot of posts dated before Jan 2005, but those are posts from our, i.e. STAR-PLUS,  older group blog at “East of Omaha“.

Celebrations & Apologies

I imported all posts and comments from our old group blog today. The blog has now been dormant for more than a year, the last post being one on the Hyderabad trip. I just wanted to back it up for the future. The blog posts contain a lot of trip reviews, nice little conversations, lot of debates, and some awesome memories. The blog itself was the brain child of Ankit and it slowly transformed into a group blog. It was pretty damn active while I was still at BITS and Rahul doing his PS. And then after that it lost steam.

Anyways, due to the Twitter plugin, the import resulted in a couple of friends being totally spammed. I am so sorry folks. Never meant to.

Note to self – Before any importing or exporting or updates or anything else, deactivate all plugins!!