I am back..

.. from the short vacation, full of eating and sleeping and doing nothing else. I did click some snaps from the aeroplane, and while the look nice on the LCD preview, I do not know how they have actually turned out. Will check and post if possible.

Meanwhile, I have unsubscribed from the Freakonomics blog as they have turned to partial feeds after their so called partnership with New York Times, a crime. I suggest you do the same.

Blog Updates

I have made a few updates on this blog. Some on the administration front (which you can’t see), and some on the presentation front.

There is now an archives page which is the result of an awesome plugin. Do check it out. I am still trying to solve the Hindi fonts thing. Hopefully will be able to sort it. Any comments and feedback welcome.

There is also a live preview of the comments just below the comments field. I need to figure out how to change the colour of the preview font though.

First Post

Welcome to my new blog. I am tried to migrate all posts and comments from my old blog, however some issues remain. It is best viewed in Firefox or IE 7+.

The blog design and looks are still in beta, so any feedback and criticism is most welcome. Please leave a comment below.

At the moment, I am trying to fix the following (any technical help will be appreciated):

  • design in IE6+
  • Hindi fonts not visible
  • an archive old posts
  • importing comments

The blog uses WordPress, and the Redoable theme from Dean J. Robinson.

Wierd Searches!!

This is the first instance of people coming to my blog while searching something so specific. I must say there is a high chance of me knowing this person. And please do not get any phunny thoughts!!