A Tale of Two Gentlemen

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What do you think was the most significant umpiring error made during the first WI-India test match??

  1. Declaring Chris Gayle not out?
  2. Declaring Shivnarine Chanderpaul out caught?
  3. The Dhoni out/not out fiasco?
  4. The Bradshaw decision?

Me. None of the above. I think it was

5. Fining Sehwag for over appealing and “celebrating a dismissal before the decision has been given”.

Imagine a scenario, wherein Lara gets off without even a reprimand for a behaviour which our “mann” Holding termed “insolent“, and in the same Sehwag gets fined for over-appealing. You got to be kidding me. Was Jeff Crowe (match referee) drunk when Lara unfolded what I think has been the worst example of on-field behaviour in recent times?? It is like letting a murderer go away and punishing someone for walking on a lawn!!!

It is a common notion that Asians are not given a fair deal when such rules are interpreted. And this is not the first time that this has happened to an Indian. Remember the Mike Denness fiasco, when almost half the Indian side (including Sehwag, Bhajji, Ganguly) was hauled up for over-appealing, while the South Africans got away with worse (Andre Nel clearly abusing Ganguly). I think it was Ganguly (supported by a Dalmiya ruled BCCI) who stood up and complained. The order of world cricket was on the brink of a split when ICC and BCCI backed off and tensions were eased. Alas, such an action may not be repeated anymore.

Random Post

What am I doing posting on a Friday night (did I add this one is from the office!!)?? I have no answer. I am waiting for a friend to finish his work before heading home. Also I will be in office tomorrow 🙁 interviewing people to work with.

Neways, some random pieces to talk about.

Sensex crashed almost 10% in the past two days and we are feeling the heat. But we did not care much when we did make obscene amounts of money when it went up like crazy. Did we??

Schumi came in second at the Spanish Grand Prix. Big deal. He still remains, to me, the biggest threat to Alonso’s (who, by the way, is a very sore loser) title defence.

The Da Vinci Code was delayed and not released in India because the government and the Christian organisations want a disclaimer. Bull shit!! I mean the book has been around for a lot more time and then the clergy was sleeping on their asses. They wake up now and want the movie banned (along with the Muslims!!).

India won (well almost) the first ODI against the WI. 17 sucessful chases in a row. And Dravid as a opener. Must say despite my hate for Chappel, he should get credit for creative thinking.

I have been working my ass off for quite a few days now and don’t expect respite for some more. But there are a lot of things to get done. Shit man!! So much to do and so less time 🙁

End with a quote from “A Beautiful Mind“.

Conviction, it turns out, is a luxury of those on the sidelines, Mr. Nash.

Gen Crib

Feel like cribbing a lot today.

Work is as much as I can do without going crazy or burning myself out. Not bad though. What is bad is working with too many women!! I am the lone guy on the project with 4 other females, three of whom insist on talking in kiddo lingua (like the famous BITSian “baccha farty” gang) and behaving in a very very girly manner that is so damn pissing off.

Also hating the fact that India lost to England (finally!!). Sehwag, I dont give a damn about the bowler or the ball, as usual decided that he will not change the way he bats. Kaif, “look ma I got double figures“, tried to get a little too cute after a life was granted and paid the price and in the process Indian team paid the price. Also a lot of damage was done by Sehwag’s decision to keep pacers on attack even when they were being smacked to all corners of the park. Looks like people don’t want to see logic.

And a day before Sehwag says that Ganguly episode is history. Did I hear someone mention the Foot-In-Mouth disease? He better use the term with caution or else he will soon join the ex-captain whose record both as a captain and a player remains miles ahead of Sehwag. I still think Ganguly is a very good option at the top of the order. At least better than Sehwag and Kaif!!


The Supreme Court (SC) today reprimanded Zaheera and fined her Rs. 50000 for contempt of court. Yeah right!!

Where was the SC when her life was threatened by the so called BJP goons? Wasn’t the court dishonoured when Mr. Munshi (Jessica Lal Case), Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and many more “heroes” (Another Case) turned hostile and turned their backs to justice? If the court cannot grant the safety of a witness, it has no right to term a witness “liar”.

“Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear
Sealed with lies through so many tears”