IPL – Will it or Won’t it?

The Times of India had an article today on how the IPT TV ratings have slipped after an initial bang. Was it unexpected? Not really. The IPL is supposed to be modeled after the league structure in soccer. However, there remain major differences between the two. Soccer is a sport where club rivalries have been […]

Happy Brithday God

Today happens to be the birthday of the God of millions of Indians like me. Happy Birthday Sachin . Maybe we should petition for it to be declared a national holiday 🙂

Look Ma..

… the God is back where he belongs!

Goodbye Gilly..

…thou shalt be missed. Of the current crop of Aussies, Gilly and Lee are the only two I like and while I rejoiced today for India, a part of me was sad that this brilliant cricketer shall not play again. To me he remains the best all-rounder I have ever seen. I still remember the […]

Johnnie Walker advert..

I am a sucker for good sports writing. And below is a nugget I stumbled upon the web. Link via Cricinfo – The Surfer. Laxman’s walk to the crease is all purposeful, rolling-shouldered, Johnnie Walker advert. Once there, he combines a stillness of demeanour with a bustle of run-seeking. Unlike in Sydney, his innings at […]