Tweets for 2008-01-14

monday morning blues 🙁 # @akshatt a call missed here, a bad feedback there, not such a good day you see… # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Tweets for 2008-01-11

Hugh MacLeod (Gaping Void) gyaan – Don’t turn hobbies into jobs, I agree # Working at the moment # I guess.. # Give Jyotida the Bharat Ratna says CPI-M. Yeah, right! And give Musharraf the Nobel Peace Prize # Will be watching Halla Bol tonight.. # Bad day in professional life! # Oh, I am […]

Tweets for 2008-01-10

beating web(non)sense – one blocked gadget at a time!! # putting it on my blog too! # twitter – running sucessfully at mere funde! # @akshatt – gross! # The Tata Nano is here – Will it be my next vehicle? Only time will tell.. # @akshatt – Bingo! # @akshatt – Not at […]

Best Oasis Speech..

.. ever was delivered by Sunit Rikhi during the Oasis 2k7 inaug. It is brilliant. I am just quoting some lines below. Hur vartmaan pal mein apna ateet dhoondta hoon Tum subke khoobsoorat chehroan mein, mein apna chehra doondhta hoon You can download the entire speech below [Word Doc]. Sunit Rikhi – Oasis 2k7 Speech