Category: Humor

  • Vyas meets Zuckerberg

    Ashok comes up with a brilliant Facebook version of Mahabharat.

  • Awezome!

    One of the best recruitment ads I have ever seen. Go check it out here.

  • Links of the day

    First – this brilliant piece of Dilbert. It reflects what I have felt about IT security for a very long time. I am sorry guys, but you have a damn difficult job. Next. An interesting piece by the right-winged Hindutva defender Arvind Lavakre. Read the article, and it does put up some good questions. Finally.…

  • (oxy)Moron

    We have seen a lot of bad ad placements. Well, we have one more addition to the hallowed list (click for better resolution).

  • The Harry Potter Roundup

    Some interesting posts from around the blogoshpere. What if Harry Potter was written by someone else? Highlights from the Seventh edition – I specially like the one with “inhe kanoon ke hawale kar do” The Harry Potter movie review. Check out the special