Round 1 done!

Submitted the last of the four apps yesterday (Diwali) morning. The third one was submitted the day before.

Now sitting tight and waiting for any updates. Meanwhile, I think I should start work on the couple I am targetting for the second round.

Random Post

Deadlines waiting to be met. Essays waiting to be tackled. Forms waiting to be filled. Meanwhile, I am here, blogging. “Why the f*%k?” one might ask. Because I am stuck at office for some call which wouldn’t get over before some time.

The past couple of weeks have been overwhelming. I have acted crazily at times. Flown off the handle easily. Submitted two apps. Attended a very interesting admission event. And yet, the workload doesn’t seem to diminish. Sigh.

The work at office is not much. But you still got to be there and do it. I am stuck with some sort of a mental block (writer’s block if you will) with the essays for two of the schools I am apping to. Sucks! I am keeping away from all parties, movies, and fun in general. And yet they don’t seem to get over.

However, today seems to be different. The Master Blaster has achieved the record, and in fine fashion. Dada seems to be doing well. And I think I will be able to complete the first draft for one of my schools. Wish me best of luck people!!

MBA Apping Update

The stock markets across the world continue to tumble, and I continue to toil with my applications. As the days go by, I get more and more jittery about the impact the slowdown might have on my future plans.

I am done with applying to two of the five places I have finally shortlisted. One of the biggest criteria while choosing a BSchool was the availability of a loan with a co-signor. However, the slowdown has finally taken a toll. One of the schools I had shortlisted had to be removed because it could no longer assure a loan for international applicants. And sadly, one school I have already submitted my app for has just ended its loan program. This is beginning to sound ominous.

Not that I can do much about it now. The die is cast, and I am waiting patiently for the outcome.

Update: It seems to have gotten worst. Citibank has removed its “CitiAssist program from all of its schools for international students without a domestic cosigner.” So far on the list are: MIT-Sloan, Ross, SC Johnson.

Apping Update

The schools have been shortlisted, and the real work begins with some 25 odd essays to be written. I am applying at a mix of schools ranked between 10 and 40 by FT – and the ranking was not my criteria. Though required, I am amazed at the kind of questions that schools frame for the essays. Anyways – the deadlines are approaching fast with most round one deadlines falling in October. I hope I can apply to as many in R1 as possible.

Meanwhile, the MBA apping process does give you some rude shocks. Explaining to someone else your achievements is a damn tough task. I thought I had a good profile, and yet when I got down to making my resume, I could not even fill a page!! [And I have heard of people who need to cut down :(]

Hoping that the final result is better 🙂

It’s like deja vu..

Some people never learn. Wait I am talking about myself.

After the pathetic experience I had with Indiaplaza the last time around, I had virtually decided that I would not be using them for buying books. But then I forgot the lesson learnt, and ordered Montauk’s “How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs” – apparently a must read for all MBA applicants. Anyways, that was almost 10 days back I have still not received the book.

Though the fault this time lies with the courier service, their customer help desk remains clueless as ever. Here is the response I got from them after complaining mid last week.

I apologize for delay in delivery of the ordered book ‘How To Get In To Top Mba Programs’ placed under order ###. I request you to provide us more 2-3 working days so that we will check with the courier and deliver the book to you. We will try not to commit this mistake in your future orders.

Try not to?? Are you guys fricking kidding me??