Kuch Is Tarah – Lyrics

Brilliant song. कुछ इस तरह तेरी पलकें मेरी पलकों से मिला दे आँसू तेरे सारे मेरी पलकों पे सज़ा दे तू हर घड़ी हर वक़्त मेरे साथ रहा है हाँ ये जिस्म कभी दूर कभी पास रहा है जो भी ग़म हैं ये तेरे उन्हें तू मेरा पता दे कुछ इस तरह तेरी पलकें मेरी […]

Black Friday

I saw this movie quite a while back, but the scenes are still fresh in my memory. The gory scene just after the blast and the deformed bodies. The police torture scene and the man shooting himself and his family. The exploitation of angry Muslim youth by Tiger Memon and many more. Its hard to […]

Subtle lyrics be damned

Sample these from “Leaving Beirut” – Roger Waters. By the way it is an awesome song!! Oh George! Oh George! That Texas education must have fucked you up when you were very small But now an Englishman abroad is just a US stooge The bulldog is a poodle snapping round the scoundrel’s last refuge Is […]

Look at the stars

I have been listening to Coldplay ever since I have returned from office today. Here are the songs that are playing in a loop. 1. Trouble – “… I never meant to cause you trouble” 2. Scientist – “Nobody said it was easy, No one ever said it would be this hard” 3. Fix You […]

DRM – Is it dead??

Steve Jobs, for one, thinks that it is or at least thinks that it should. Sometimes I wished he blogged. Maybe like Jonathan Schwartz. But he does a pretty commendable job here. The third alternative is to abolish DRMs entirely. Imagine a world where every online store sells DRM-free music encoded in open licensable formats. […]