Manmohan vs Modi

Disclaimer: I know I might get shit for this post (from the five of you reading it) so here goes – I do not condone Modi’s actions during the Gujarat riots, and very sincerely hope that he never becomes the Prime Minister.  Comparing Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi is not an easy task, nor is […]

Mighty push for Open Access

Apparently Harvard University has mandated that all research publications made by its faculty members be made available for “free” (as in free beer??) online. It is a mighty push for a movement which recently started gaining a lot of momentum. In a move to disseminate faculty research and scholarship more broadly, the Faculty of Arts […]

Links of the day

First – this brilliant piece of Dilbert. It reflects what I have felt about IT security for a very long time. I am sorry guys, but you have a damn difficult job. Next. An interesting piece by the right-winged Hindutva defender Arvind Lavakre. Read the article, and it does put up some good questions. Finally. […]

Congress rocks!

From Rediff: Besides Rahul [Son of Late Rajiv Gandhi], the other young leaders who have found places in the AICC secretariat include Jyotiraditya Scindia [Son of Madhavrao Scindia], Ajay Maken, Priya Dutt [Daughter of Late Sunil Dutt], Milind Deora [Son of Murli Deora], Sachin Pilot [Son of Late Rajesh Pilot], Jitin Prasad [Son of veteran […]

Sad state of Indian judiciary

I am extremely sad and angry. A thing that any father and mother should never have to do. A couple loses their young child and go to a ghat to bury his body. The ghat is in a very sorry state with dogs digging up remains of buried bodies. Someone picks up the story and […]