Comes from TED 2008.

The Tibetan monks told us: “we don’t really believe that you went to the Moon, but you did; you don’t believe that we can achieve enlightenment in a single life, but we do.”

TED is a conference which gets together some of the most brilliant minds of the world. Someday, when I have the money or am as important, I will attend one of these TED conferences.

And Scoble joins Fast Company

I like the guy and his interview style. Have liked a lot of his videos. Specially the one with Jonathan Schwartz (who, btw, I think rocks. Check out his blog post on acquisition of MySQL – at 5 in the morning from a CEO – super cool!). And love this bit from his post.

Life is too short and if that means I leave a few million on the table because I gave up equity in my own thing, so be it.

Honest answers…

… are the biggest motivators and problem solvers. I have been in a meeting and a presentation in the last couple of days and now feel a lot more motivated.

The first was a presentation on communication by a person who I consider to be the “rockstar” at our company. Nice way to tell us that we do not need to go around a point, and that we should give nice and direct answers. Don’t be rude, but don’t be too polite while missing the point altogether. Clients are humans and expect a human answer (E & OE). It was frankly the most interesting presentation I have attended at Evalueserve and one of the best ever!

The next was a meeting with our Chairman, Alok Aggarwal [it is courtesy our IT team that the first Google link to the man’s name doesn’t work or redirect!]. The man gave some very direct, not-so-confusing, and even if I disagree with him on them, grown up answers. The thing I have hated for long about some top management people is that they do not treat us as grown ups and do not give us direct answers. Come on folks. We are smart people (you hired us!!) and would understand if you gave us logical answer. Whether we agree or not, I would respect such a person more. So even while I disagree with Alok on some key-points, I have immense respect for him as an individual, and I think Evaluserve has a bright future as long as he is in control. Rock on man!

Don’t turn your hobby into your job..

.. says Hugh Macleod. I for one, agree whole heartedly. Think of it. You would have nothing to look forward to doing on the weekend. I might get as bad as your losing interest in both the job and the hobby. He quotes,

When a man marries his mistress, he immediately creates a vacancy.

~ James Goldsmith. Read more here.