Comes from TED 2008. The Tibetan monks told us: “we don’t really believe that you went to the Moon, but you did; you don’t believe that we can achieve enlightenment in a single life, but we do.” TED is a conference which gets together some of the most brilliant minds of the world. Someday, when […]

And Scoble joins Fast Company

I like the guy and his interview style. Have liked a lot of his videos. Specially the one with Jonathan Schwartz (who, btw, I think rocks. Check out his blog post on acquisition of MySQL – at 5 in the morning from a CEO – super cool!). And love this bit from his post. Life […]

Honest answers…

… are the biggest motivators and problem solvers. I have been in a meeting and a presentation in the last couple of days and now feel a lot more motivated. The first was a presentation on communication by a person who I consider to be the “rockstar” at our company. Nice way to tell us […]

Don’t turn your hobby into your job..

.. says Hugh Macleod. I for one, agree whole heartedly. Think of it. You would have nothing to look forward to doing on the weekend. I might get as bad as your losing interest in both the job and the hobby. He quotes, When a man marries his mistress, he immediately creates a vacancy. ~ […]

Pilani Trip – 2

During my Pilani trip, I happened to be in Sky for the farewell session of EDC – and the one for Vernon. I was so fucking depressed. He had joined EPC during my psentisem. Am I actually that old?? Gaping Void comes to the rescue!!