Gen post

Sometimes I think that humans are born for doing one thing – crib. We are never satisfied. And I am a shining example. When I have work, which has been the case for the past one and a half months, I crib. In fact, the last month or two have been crazy, but extremely pleasing […]

Web2.0 and Manifestos

Check out the Devil’s Dictionary and it’s definition of Web2.0. Pretty hilarious stuff out there. Particularly liked the definition of e-mail. A method of electronic communication, primarily used to inform you that your penis is too small. Also came across this collection of manifestos and other writings on entrepreneurship on the web at ChangeThis. This […]

Nature abhors purity

From Waiter Rant, a blog I love reading: Outside my window it’s raining a hard cold rain. I feel sorry for the garbage men. I remember reading somewhere that rain droplets condense around particles of dust high in the atmosphere. No dust, no rain. No rain, no nothing. I smile to myself. Sometimes you need […]

The selfish gene wins

Little did I realise when I started reading The Selfish Gene a couple of days back that Mr. Dawkins would be the man of the year 2006. You can read a very interesting piece by him on God, titled “Why There Almost Certainly Is No God” here. Meanwhile you can also check out the computer […]

We don’t give a damn!!

Hugh Macleod, of Gaping Void fame, has put up this “Nobody Cares” manifesto by Dennis Howlett. I agree with all of it, but find the below mentioned points very relevant. * Adding value is the most important thing you have to do – nobody believes you. Clients can read a 1,000 websites and see that […]