Confused points to this quote from Stanley Kubrick on Schindler’s List. “Think that was about the Holocaust? That was about success, wasn’t it? The Holocaust is about six million people who get killed. ‘Schindler’s List’ was about six hundred people who don’t.” This is from a review of the movie WTC by Roger Ebert. Catastrope […]

Its a dog’s life!!

Soumyadip, of “Cutting The Chai“, writes here about his job switch and pastes something he had written when he had last changed jobs. Pretty interesting stuff. “Some days you are the dog, on others the lamppost. Today I was the lamppost…” Tomorrow too wouldn’t be much different. The lamppost remains, the dogs change.

History & Bullshit!!

Had this mail converstation with my friends today. Read from the bottom upwards. Sudeep wrote: Hey Goyal, your thoughts remind me of this chapter we had in our hindi text books. Its written in Duryodhanas words and he narates his side of the story. He says exactly what you said here. He says to Arjun […]

Love & Hate

Excerpts from the same blog on which I tumbled on to the song in the previous post. Something from the guy’s personal dairy. Somehow touched a cord with me. That explained a lot to me. Now, I think I know exactly how they felt at that moment. She smiled and after a silence she said “I […]

Tech and Art

Do you see beauty in a recursive loop?? Do the curves of a V-twin engine of a Harley Davidson remind you of finely carved Greek statues?? Do you hear music in the sound of a V-10 F1 engine (you will be missed)? If your answer to all of these is a yes, then you are […]