Love to Hate!!


This is from Gaping Void – a blog that feature “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”. Though it features excellent cartoons from time to time, this is one I particularly liked for some reason.

This is to all whose trust I have ever lost. I am sorry.

Profit Vs. Principles

Yet another one of those cases that makes you sit up and take note. Yahoo has been again accused of helping Chinese officials jail an internet activist. Sad indeed. 🙁

I like a line in the Reuters report. Am including it below.

“… examples that highlight the friction between profits and principles for Internet companies …”

Meanwhile, three Indians are supposed to have achieved Einstein’s dream. India does seem to be making rapid progress in theoritical physics. 🙂

Google Vs. Its Soul

This has been bothering me for quite some time now. Google has decided to launch a censored version of its search engine in China due to pressure from the Chinese Government. It makes me wonder about their decision to not provide the US Government with data about search terms. Was it encouraged by factors other than their so called stand on user privacy (think about not wanting to disclose some business details, about terms that help generate those huge revenues). Also this incident has forced them to change their censorship policy from

 “Google does not censor results for any search term. The order and content of our results are completely automated; we do not manipulate our search results by hand. We believe strongly in allowing the democracy of the web to determine the inclusion and ranking of sites in our search results.”


 “It is Google’s policy not to censor search results. However, in response to local laws, regulations, or policies, we may do so. When we remove search results for these reasons, we display a notice on our search results pages. Please note: For some older removals (before March 2005), we may not show a notice at this time.”

Meanwhile, I came across this brilliant comparision on the web.

1. This is Tinanmen searched on Google Image Search
2. This is Tinanmen searched on Google China Image Search

Just for a comparision with Yahoo check out the links below. I hope people from Yahoo think twice before slinging mud. Also they might want to check out this story on their bending over.

1. This is Tinanmen searched on Yahoo Image Search
2. This is Tinanmen searched on Yahoo China Image Search

I think it is about time someone from Google answered this question.

“Is money more important than your principles?”