Losing my religion!!

This article reminded me of something I wrote somewhere a long time ago.

“The trick is to hang on and keep fighting for what you believe in.”

While the article still puts forth a valid point. Given the conditions what would we have done if we were in Google’s shoes. Maybe we would have made the compromise. Maybe we wouldn’t have. But again we have to think as heads of a multi billion dollar company which is answerable to its shareholder. I still dont agree with the choice Google/Yahoo/MSN made but I definitely understand why they made it.

“If you’ve had to swallow a boss’s distasteful diatribe, stick your tongue out at him once you’re safely within a bathroom stall. If you think the company you work for is slimy, do volunteer work that counteracts what it’s done. If you’ve had to accept a lesser salary, keep sending out resumes in hope for a better future.”

The teens have become adults but I sure hope the spark hasn’t died out. And “hope is a good thing. Perhaps the best of things.” 🙂

Bahoooooo!!! :(

Today is the worst day, officially that is. The (stupid) IT people have blocked access to external mail sites. 🙁

I mean the block was present before but due to the efficiency of the IT staff it had not been implemented on machines running Windows 2000. But as of today they seem to have hired a capable guy and have succeeded in doing that too. 🙁

Shit!!! I can’t use Gmail or Yahoomail. Damn the IT people in my company. I mean I could install Firefox to screw them lekin I did not want to do it.