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  • Desicritics, F1 and MS

    I am now a part of and will henceforth be cross posting sports related posts there. My first post on the Sunday Moza F1 race is up there. Check it out. Also this is the first post using the MS Live Writer. Hope this works 🙂

  • Happy Independence Day

    PS: Google rocks!!

  • Web(non)sense!!

    Get around the blog ban and the company firewall!!

  • Losing my religion!!

    This article reminded me of something I wrote somewhere a long time ago. “The trick is to hang on and keep fighting for what you believe in.” While the article still puts forth a valid point. Given the conditions what would we have done if we were in Google’s shoes. Maybe we would have made…

  • Bahoooooo!!! 🙁

    Today is the worst day, officially that is. The (stupid) IT people have blocked access to external mail sites. 🙁 I mean the block was present before but due to the efficiency of the IT staff it had not been implemented on machines running Windows 2000. But as of today they seem to have hired…