Software release names

When I was upgrading the WordPress installation, I noticed that the particular version was code named “Tyner” after McCoy Tyner, a jazz pianist. WordPress releases are mostly named after Jazz musicians, like Ella Fitzgerald, and saxophonist Stan Getz. These codenames have always fascinated me since the good old days of Prithvi and Agni, at the […]

ABN Amro lacks FF support!

ABN Amro – India, recently made some changes to its website which renders the NetBanking option unusable on Firefox (any version!). I sent an email to their support desk about this, and am reproducing their response below. Dear Customer, This is with reference to your email dated July 09, 2008. At the outset we would […]

The post about Yahoo!

So much has been said about Yahoo over the recent past, that it seems like a blessing in disguise for Twitter. The laundry list of senior execs leaving has not gone down well either. However, I do not agree with Mike Arrington when he says that Yahoo should have sold out to Microsoft. I have […]

STN vs GenomeQuest

… or why STN is going to fail. DGENE and USGENE recently introduced an option to limit sequence searches (BLAST) by % match. But I think it might just be too little to late for them. For too long now STN has enjoyed the benefits of monopoly in the field of patent sequence searching. However, […]