Matt replies..

.. to Jeff’s post. Finally. I had almost given up hope but Matt is back with a bang! Now wait for Jeff’s reply. PS: The post by Matt has apparently been removed 🙁

Jeff vs Matt

It seems like a nice little battle is brewing between Jeff Atwood (of Coding Horror fame) and Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress). Jeff has just posted an analysis of the WordPress CPU usage which he feels is unreasonably high and wonders why the WP-Cache has not been integrated into the core structure of WordPress itself. […]

WordPress, Mediawiki & Firebug

First – upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.5. The new interface looks cool and features easy navigation to more often used options. Also, the upgrade process was a breeze. You can read about how to do it here. Next – for the past many days, I have been stuck with a faulty error prone version […]

Google takes down HuddleChat

After a lot of hue and cry over the blogosphere over the similarity between Campfire and HuddleChat, a sample application for the Google AppEngine, Google team has decided to take down the app. While I appreciate the quick action over the reaction of a lot bloggers, I find it pretty stupid. The web is full […]

Experiments with Wiki

This is a purely tech post, and so if you do not have a nerdy side, please skip. I have had to work with Mediawiki quite a lot in recent times. As I am not very well versed with PHP or the Mediawiki software in general, I have had to depend on the Wiki community […]