Coke Studio

For the past couple of days, I have been totally hooked on to the performances on Coke Studio, and the concept itself. Go check it out. One that I really like is Titliyaan by Strings. दिल था खिलौना, चलो टूट गया क्या कहें कोई साथी था, जिसे चाहा था वोही लूट गया, क्या कहें

October was a lazy month. And eventful. …

October was a lazy month. And eventful. Sudeep got married. And it was the largest gathering of the STAR-PLUS after Rahul’s wedding. I am guessing this is going to be a regular feature since the next big event is going to be Ankit’s wedding in February. I am hoping that I do get placed by […]

The Delhi Trip

First up – Congrats Gogo!! The trip was a load of traveling around, caught a lot of traffic jams. Did a lot of catching up with some old friends. Lots of eating out. Got Bansal to clean up – not an easy task I tell you. Caught a live concert, played cards, ate breakfast at […]

Movie marathon

There was only one choice to be made. To sleep early, or do a movie marathon. Thankfully, I chose the latter 🙂 So here I am. An hour before I start from ISB for the airport, and I have just completed watching three awesome movies, back to back. The first one was a Japanese animated […]

Good weather and exams! Always. Has to …

Good weather and exams! Always. Has to be. Somehow exams have always coincided with good weather here at ISB and it makes studying for the endless number of exams we have that much more difficult. A huge cosmic conspiracy I tell you! PS: Also coincides with certain people being out of station 😛