The year that was…

So I thought that I would do a customary year end review of the year that passed by in, what seemed, like a flash!

Professionally it was a mixed one. I was selected for a conference and I could not attend it due to visa issues. I took a sabbatical to complete the MBA. A lot of people from the team I was a part of have since quit, and it would be almost like joining a new place. The job search here at ISB has not started in earnest, but the things are looking positive so far and I think it will be a good 2010 for all of us on that front.

The biggest news was the ISB admit. After a lot of consideration, I decided that I wanted to join, and boy am I glad. The time here so far has been brilliant. Met a lot of new folks, made some life long friends, and learnt a lot of new stuff. In between the hectic schedule, also found a lot of time to party!! I know I will carry some fond memories from here even though I have spent very little time here. Special mention here for my study groupies – Kirti, Malavika, Megha, and Sunil – you guys were awesome. Almost forgot my quaddies here – Sam, Avin, and Raj – keep rocking!!

Another big change was that a lot of close friends decided to join the dark side to get married. Misra and Parul, Sudeep and Divs, Yatharth and Akanksha, and Kaustubh and Shubbu jumped on the marriage bandwagon. Congratulations and best of luck all of ya!! A few others are joining it in 2010 and the trend seems to be on the upswing 🙂

One major upside of all the marriages was meeting all the friends after a long time and loads of fun was had. Misra’s wedding trip was one I will never forget all my life!! The look on Sudeep’s face when Thax flew down for his wedding was another priceless moment.

As Misra RTed one of his friends –

Beginning of the decade – Started college, making new friends and aspiring for a great job! End of the decade, still doing the same! Life comes a full circle.

Happy New Year people!! May it bring joy, happiness, and health to you and your loved ones!!

Happy New Year

2008 has been an eventful year to say the least.

It begun with an awesome party at my last place. We have since moved to a nice little place and have had a couple of fun parties there too 🙂

Work was fun. Some friends moved on from Evalueserve to seek a different career path and that forced me to think about my future plans. After a lot of dilly dallying I finally decided to take a plunge at MBA and since then life has been almost exclusively about work and apping. The next month and a half will be very crucial for that and I hope to get some good news.

On the tech front, I learnt a lot more about my DSLR. Did experiment a lot with it. Resulted in a couple of good snaps. Also, Twitter was a big addition to my online profile, and in the last year I updated it approximately twice daily on average. I also posted on this blog more than a hundred times.

Personal life was interesting. Bro came back from the States. Thax came back for a while, only to return. Debo moved to UK for his education. Four very close friends (three couples) have decided to get married before the end of next year. Here’s wishing them and their significant halves best of luck and loads of joy. And I wish one of the couple puts their wedding invite online on Slideshare – it is absolutely the most amazing invite, wedding or otherwise, I have seen in my life – Hats off to both of you!!

What 2009 holds in store for me, but I can’t wait to find out.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 🙂