Farewell Jumbo…

… you will be sorely missed.

In today’s cricket, seldom are there moments when the game becomes larger than life. The one below was the one for me.

Kumble gets Lara with a broken jaw
Kumble gets Lara with a broken jaw

There is a lump in my throat and my eyes moist as I write this.

Rocking at the Oval

The Indian team is already on a roll in the third test at the Brit Oval.

Imagine India winning test series outside the subcontinent without any century, without any significant contribution from Rahul “the Wall” Dravid (this is the one off thing in a long long time). This is so interesting. Everyone has done his bit and Dhoni has played magically to take the English bowlers to the cleaners.

Even Kumble has come up with a half century. Keep rocking guys!

Update: Hats off to Kumble for his first Test century, the most faithful soldier to Indian cricket.