MBA apping

I had initially thought that I would document the entire apping process on my blog. However, after a lot of thought I have decided that it might not be very wise to do so.

I track a lot of blogs of MBA aspirants (will add the links to the sidebar soon), and feel that they are awesome places to look for wise words and help. However, I have noticed that they are mostly anonymous. I think that this makes sense in today’s digital world, where a simple Google search can reveal a lot about an applicant, and I do not want to stand any disadvantage due to something I post on my blog. Therefore, I have decided that, other that some gen things or occasional rants about the entire process, I would not be writing much about the process on my blog. At the end of it I might do a comprehensive post, but that is another story. Meanwhile do check out the blogs listed on the sidebar – they are awesome!!

I am right now in the process of shortlisting schools I want to apply to. I think I want to join a school that fits the following criteria:

  • Provides loans without co-signor
  • On campus study – I love being in contact with people
  • Should focus on Strategy (and probably helps some Biotech/Pharma/Healthcare related courses)
  • Should be fun!

I have kind of decided on 2 schools already, and I think I would end up applying to 3-4 other schools. Any suggestions are welcome. Also, due to all the apping work and a busy social calendar, posting will be very very irregular.