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  • Soccer in Sun and Shadow: Mini Review

    You can’t write enough about a book that begins with, “We lost, we won, Either way we had fun.” In the book, Eduardo Galeano takes you through a brief history of football (soccer to him) through the last century, inter woven with a lot of social commentary. You get goosebumps reading his description of certain…

  • Beauty, In Slow-Mo

    It seems to be a season of retirement for my favourite players. First Agassi, then Schumacher, and now Riquelme. Anyways, here is a small tribute to the greatest midfielder of our times. I must confess right at the start that I have an extremely soft spot for Argentine players. Right from Maradona and Batistuta to…

  • The best goal ever!!

    A tribute to Maradona on 20 years of his magic!!! Behold!! The true magician is at work!!

  • Goal of the WC2006!!

    From the best team ever. Argentina!!