News Roundup

Don’t have much time for a full post, so a small roundup:

  • Google goes hindi. In a related news, it also launched the Finance service for China. Do it for India – the markets have gone bonkers!
  • Jason Calacanis analyzes the Facebook hype. It is not a Google killer. Period. And I hate some Facebook apps that allow people to chuck things at me.
  • Daily WTF – Copyright stupidity – Act One.
  • Daily WTF – Copyright stupidity – the Grand Act. Sue a Durga Puja pandal of all things!!

Daily WTF

Man sues Yahoo and Google for taking their names from the tribes he has descended from.

A man currently being detained by immigration in Houston, TX has filed a lawsuit claiming Yahoo and Google stole their names from Tanzanian tribes. As luck would have it, the man is a descendant of both tribes – what are the odds?

The lawsuit states that Google was taken from the Gogo tribe, and Yahoo from the Yao tribe. The claim is asking for $10,000 be paid to each tribe member for the past three generations.

Yeah right!

My Bad!

Well, call me a Google fanboy all you will, but this has to be one of its kind examples of admitting the “we messed up.” Keep rockin’ guys!!

The only other example I can recall is of Johnathan Schwartz when he apologized publicly on his blog to Matt Mullenweg (the brilliant WordPress guys).

Lord of the Rings

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them

Ever wished life was as simple and you could answer your calls on any number all from one place? GrandCentral promises to be an answer. All calls to all your number will get transferred to all your phones, or the one you decide, and you can decide which one to answer from.

Awesome features include:

  • Redirect a call to voice mailbox but still hear it.
  • Web voice mailbox access and call recording.
  • Customized messages to phone book entries.
  • Phone spam filter – credit card buggers you have met your match.

Waiting for the service to arrive to India!!