स्वागत है

If you are one of those three (lemme count.. one, two, three, yup, thats all) people who do visit my blog and read tolerate the nonsense that I put up here, you would have noticed that the blog was out for a couple of days. Here is an official reason.

I had not been able to post in hindi for quite some while now, and I had done nothing wrong apparently. However, on deeper inspection, I did find out the reason for this. The database, provided by my kind host, used the latin_swedish_ci character set and collation. Because of this it did not support the hindi fonts. So I tried rectifying it by running some basic SQL queries (which is not saying much). So I backed up my database (important), and started fiddling around, and obviously everything went wrong.

So I had to go back to Ashish and ask him to setup a database with the UTF8 charset which supports the hindi character set. After he did that, I setup WordPress (2.3.3) and imported the posts, comments, images, themes, etc. Only one glitch remains. Due to an error in WordPress, the tags have been imported as IDs into the new database. I have applied the patch mentioned in the forum [I am so proud of being able to do that!!], but haven’t been able to reimport the tags as of now. Will keep you updated as and when that happens. Till then,

आपको हुई असुविधा के लिए मुझे खेद है


Some gems of poetry from hindi movies.

Likhte rahe hai tumhe roj hi magar
Khwaishon ke khat kabhi bheje hi nahi, nahi
Ainak lagake kabhi padhna woh chithiya
Ankhon ke pani mein rakhna woh chitiya

~ Gulzar, Hu Tu Tu ~

Chalte chalte mera saya, kabhi kabhi yoon karta hai,
Zaameen se uthke samne aakar, haath pakad ke kehta hai,
Ab ke baar mein aage aage chalta hoon,
Aur tu mera peecha karke dekh zara kya hota hai.

~ Izajat ~

Jab Nasha Tutataa Hai, Kitne Tukade Gire Hain
Hosh Chunane Lage Hum, Hum Bhi Kya Sar Phire Hain

~ Phoonk De – No Smoking ~

From: Random Thoughts

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi – A Review

The first question that comes to your mind after watching the movie is – why the hell is Chitrangada Singh not acting in any more movies? Damn – she is right up on my list after Scarlett Johansson.

Anyways, the movie is based on the Indian society and the revolution and Emergency in the 1970s. The film is centered around the lives of three DU students Vikram (Shiney Ahuja), Shiddharth (Kay Kay Menon) and Geeta (Chitrangada). I already have a very high opinion of Shiney and Kay Kay and to me they represent the best of Indian actors, ahead of the Khans and the Bacchans, well at least one Bacchan.

The movie weaves through their lives, while in college and then outside it, and is interlaced with the political upheaval in India in the 70s with Emergency, and Communism just about finding it roots. Siddharth, son of a judge, is attracted to the extreme Communist ideology and swears by the Naxalite movement. Geeta is initially reluctant about the movement but joins in later and starts working in a village. Vikram uses his networking skills to move up the social ladder. He is the man who can get things done. Though Vikram is manipulative and a political figure, he remains good at the bottom of his heart, and his love for Geeta is unending. Siddharth, though committed to the revolution, loses focus as the movie progresses. Geeta, initially not so optimistic about the revolution, works whole heartedly once she starts working, and in the course of her faces every possible misfortune and even gets raped by the autocratic police. Siddharht too suffers a lot at the end of the movie and is mentally disabled in a police beating. However, it ends on an optimistic note with him and Geeta coming together at the end.

The movie is very well directed and very well paced, and the actors give brilliant performances. In all, a must watch movie. I dont know how I missed the movie when it was released. The movie draws its name from a Mirza Ghalib ghazal quoted below:

हज़ारों ख़्वाहिशें ऐसी की हर ख़्वाहिश पे दम निकले
बहुत निकले मेरे अरमान लेकिन फिर भी कम निकले
मुहब्बत में नही है फ़र्क जीने और मरने का
उसी को देख कर जीते हैं जिस काफ़िर पर दम निकले

Another couple of lines from Rahim, which I really like and believe in are used once in the movie.

रहिमन धागा प्रीत का मत तोड़ो चटकाए
टूटे सो फिर ना जुड़े, जुड़े गाँठ पड़ जाये

Laree Choote

Nice song – From Ek Chalis Ki Last Local (which has some pretty interesting scenes as I found out last night at Ojas’).

जो होता है अच्छे के लिए होता है
ग़लत केहते है …
किस्मत का खेल है सारा
फिरता था में आवारा
ये क्या से क्या हो गया
चार दिन की ज़िंदगानी
हैर पल एक नई कहानी
क्या था में क्या बन गया
क्या हुआ जो लारी छूटी
जीवन की गाड़ी लूटी
ख्वाब है तो मुझको ना जगा
ज़िंदगी एक पल में साली
यूँ पलट गई हुमारी
झूठ है तो मुझको ना बता
मुंबई ..सुना था यहाँ आदमी
पूरी ज़िंदगी अपनी किस्मत स्लोव ट्रक्क से फ़ास्ट ट्रक्क लाने में निकल देता है
पेर ढाई घंटे में मेरी किस्मत
ऐसे स्लोव ट्रक्क से फ़ास्ट ट्रक्क पर
आ जाएगी ये मैने कभी सोचा नही था
सज़ा मज़ा बन जाएगी
ये भी कभी सोचा नही था
लास्ट लोकल क्या छूटी
साला किस्मत पटरी पर आगाई
कर लो जो भी करना है
होता है जो होना है
गुज़रा तो पल ये फिर ना आएगा
क्या बुरा है क्या भला है
वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है
हो जाने दो फिर देखा जाएगा
क्या हुआ जो लारी छूती
जीवन की गाड़ी लूटी
ख्वाब है तो मुझको ना जगा
ज़िंदगी एक पल में साली
यूँ पलट गई हुमारी
झूठ है तो मुझको ना बता
वो केहते हैं ना
जो होता है अच्छे के लिए होता है
सही केहते हैं

Kuch Is Tarah – Lyrics

Brilliant song.

कुछ इस तरह तेरी पलकें मेरी पलकों से मिला दे
आँसू तेरे सारे मेरी पलकों पे सज़ा दे

तू हर घड़ी हर वक़्त मेरे साथ रहा है
हाँ ये जिस्म कभी दूर कभी पास रहा है
जो भी ग़म हैं ये तेरे उन्हें तू मेरा पता दे

कुछ इस तरह तेरी पलकें मेरी पलकों से मिला दे
आँसू तेरे सारे मेरी पलकों पे सज़ा दे

मुझको तोह तेरे चेहरे पे एह ग़म नहीं जंचता
जायज़ नहीं लगता मुझे ग़म से तेरा रिश्ता
सुन मेरी गुज़ारिश इसे चेहरे से हटा से

कुछ इस तरह तेरी पलकें मेरी पलकों से मिला दे
आँसू तेरे सारे मेरी पलकों पे सज़ा दे

~ Kuch Is Tarah – Atif Aslam ~

You can also listen to the song here.