Dead as a doornail!!

The past week has been super hectic, even by ISB standards. I attended an equivalent of at least 18 classes (2 hours each). Read so many cases and papers that my head hurt. And was showered by as much information as can be humanly digested, and then some more. ISB and Wharton hosted, perhaps a […]

Cricket becomes interesting…

… once again!! A long long time ago, test cricket became boring. Not because of the run rates or the draws. But because one team beat everyone else, every God damn time. And then as it happens with everything else, the winds of change started blowing. McGrath, Warne, Langer and Gilchrist retired. About a year […]

iPhone dreams smashed!!

If you think the iPhone was expensive, think again!! Its a complete rip-off here in India. Both Vodafone and Airtel have priced the iPhone so high that I guess you won’t see it going mainstream in India anytime soon. Also, with India not having a 3G network yet, the new iPhone is not of much […]

Sense has dawned..

… and Indian’s have finally dropped Agarkar. In tests, his economy is good enough for one dayers and in ODIs for a T20 game. For a T20 the lesser said, the better. I think they have chosen a good squad this time around, though I think they should have given Sehwag another chance. Here is […]

Daily WTF

Can someone please explain as to why Agarkar and Yuvraj were bowled today, instead of Irfan Pathan? [tags] Cricket, T20 WorldCup, India, New Zealand[/tags]