Corporate Communication 101

There are times when everything is going great. Everything is looking bright and shiny. And you can’t seem to make a mistake. Like Ponting leading the Aussies with Warne, McGrath, and Hayden in it. Or Lehman Brothers being place to be. Those are also the times you do not need to much leadership. 

However, those times are long gone. Lehman doesn’t exist anymore. Aussies no longer dominate cricket. The world economy is in a worse state than Pakistan’s security. And people are getting laid off everywhere. And these are times when a leader is required. These are the times when the men distinguish themselves from the boys. They don’t run for cover but face the heat along with everyone else.

But most importantly, they speak to their people. Calm their nerves. Tell them that everything is gonna be alright. Everybody knows that we are going through some of the roughest times ever. However, it would have been comforting to hear, from the people supposed to lead us, that everything would become better again. That bad times would tide, and good times would be back.

There was a round of layoff at work today and a lot of reorg. Some folks I knew, some I didn’t. All day long today I watched people queue up at the HR bay to complete some or the other formalities. I could feel the tension in our bays. I could see a lot of eyes asking some very pointed questions, to which I had no answers. There was a palpable fear and uncertainity in a lot of people.

A couple of folks I knew, who were being let go, came up to me and congratulated me on the ISB admit, and I had no damn clue how to react. I have never been so lost for words.

I was angry and hurt. Why did not someone explain this in a townhall?? Or at least an email. You guys could have done it better. Hell, you could have done a lot better actually!!